Full-Time Child Care

Saint Mary Campus at 1704 Heiman Street, Nashville TN 37208.

6AM-6PM Monday-Friday
Holidays and staff training days listed in the calendar for planning alternative care arrangements.

Age Range:
Children 6 weeks to 5 years.

Designed to ensure consistent, caring adult relationships that meet the child’s total needs for physical, cognitive, emotional and social/cultural development domains.

Care and Nurturing:
Provided in partnership with parents and extended family.

Daily interaction and regular communication with families is encouraged by all staff.

Curriculum and Goals

Saint Mary Villa is very proud to offer a formalized approach to child develpment that is centered around educational "play" in a nurturing environment.

  • Children enrolled in all programs are regularly assessed with curriculum-based tools that identify developmental progress and provide information for creating individualized education plans that encourage exploration and learning.
  • In all areas, children are guided through a planned sequence of exposure, appreciation, and engagement to achieve mastery of new objectives.
  • Individual and group opportunities are offered for learning and development, including direct instruction, group interaction, independent practice, and facilitated creative play.
  • Each day is structured to provide a comprehensive approach to child development for a balanced life.
  • Progress is measured in regular observations and documented in reports to share with supervisors, families and evaluators in order to improve services and achieve identified goals.

Our Programs

Serves children beginning at 6 weeks and meets the special needs of infants by individualizing their daily schedules.

Developmentally appropriate activities that introduce them to the sights, sounds and movements of their world are planned daily.

The teacher/child ratio is 1:4.

One class each for one year-olds and two year-olds including young three year-olds.

Provides structured learning activities that emphasize development of language, social, and physical skills.

There is a daily balance of active and quiet experiences with plenty of individual attention.

The teacher/child ratio: one year-old classes – 1:5; two year-old/young three year-old classes – 1:6.

2-3.5 year olds

Serves children ages 3.5 to 4.5.

Offers first-hand experiences in creative arts, music, stories, dramatic play, science, group games and outdoor play.

Utilizes independent and group activities, and is designed to develop strong cognitive and social skills.

Teachers implement a comprehensive curriculum and work individually with children.

The teacher/child ratio is 1:9.

Serves children ages 4-5.

The teacher/child ratio is 1:13.

Food & Nutrition

  • Eating healthy and exercise is important and are addressed in the curriculum and incorporated into the daily routine.
  • The infant program works with families to provide the right start for each child; families provide the formula or breast milk and transitions to solid foods are coordinated with parents.
  • All other program meals meet the daily dietary USDA requirements by age.
    Meals are served family style with the teacher joining the children.
    Meals include: Early breakfast if your child arrives before 7:45 am, mid-morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.
  • Menus and menu cycles are posted by month in the classroom.
  • St. Mary Villa will individualize meal planning for children with medical needs and cultural requirements.


Monthly fees are determined by a schedule based on annual household income (AHI).

Refer to the Fee Schedule chart below to determine your monthly payment.

Choose whether you would like to pay monthly (due the first Monday of each month) or semi-monthly (due the first and third Mondays of each month).

Rates in effect as of August 1, 2022. 

There is a 5% sibling discount on the oldest child enrolled. Learn more about enrollment here.